Jayne’s creative journey started in Ireland where she studied art and design in Dublin. During this time while developing her love of textiles print, Jayne started to create the distinctive style that you see within her current collections. She went on to open her first pottery studio and shop in the south Dublin town of Blackrock in 2005. The business was a haven for celebrations and customers looking for bespoke gifts.

Eventually the need to expand the business led Jayne and her family to leave Dublin in 2013, and she moved her studio to Surrey where she has continued to grow her brand. During this period Jayne has attracted a huge following for her beautiful ceramics, and in particular her personalised pieces. Many of the pieces are associated with key celebrations such as Christmas or key birthdays.

Each piece is designed by Jayne and then painted by Jayne and her team, which means that each item is absolutely unique. Jayne's passion is for creating heirloom pieces that can be passed down through a family, and that remind people of special times of celebration.