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The Christmas Eve Hamper


Every family has their own Christmas traditions but nearly all involve the ritual of gathering to leave a plate for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve. I won’t start the debate as to whether he prefers milk or brandy (it’s a strong Irish Whiskey in our house!) but I love that our plates have become a central part of the magic and that’s why I wanted to create something extra special this year.

Each hamper contains a Believe or Father Christmas plate which can be personalised with a name, a family name or a message.
The hamper also contains a delicious hot chocolate stirrer x4, a mulled wine sachet, a gingerbread baking kit from Craft and Crumb, and a magical Christmas magazine designed by Russell Ince.

We generally advise to add any personalisation for the Believe plate to the back of the plate, and for the Father Christmas plate to the front of the plate.

All hampers will be delivered  in the first week of December